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Hi I'm Dean, a charming, fit, ambitious guy living in Canberra, ex-firefighter, now a tradie, and I am looking for one sensual and confident young lady to be my partner for raunchy sex shows in private homes. Together, you and I will make a significant income simply having fun with each other while paying clients watch us play. If you have an exhibitionist streak, this is your dream job.

This role has several advantages over working as a prostitute or stripper:

- you don't have to adopt a high risk of catching sexually transmissible diseases from random strangers. I will be the only guy you are intimate with in the course of the job, greatly reducing the risks, and increasing the enjoyment as we get to know each other’s desires and preferences.

- some prostitutes who work from a hotel or private room hire a bodyguard who stands outside and keeps an ear out in the event that the client starts trouble. The drawback of this is that he is OUTSIDE the room, so if the client becomes aggressive, they will have about 20 seconds with you before the guard can get inside to do anything, so there is almost no point having them there. By working with me, your bodyguard will be with you the whole time we are performing, so if things turn sour, I will be right there to protect you.

-as we will be our own bosses, there will be no commission to pay to any agency. 100% of the profit is ours.

- it is less demoralizing and soul destroying. You will basically be having fun with your toy boy and making serious bank while doing so.

- You don't have to put up with letting an assortment of disgusting, uncalibrated guys violate you. We will be lovers as much as business partners; I must feel a genuine connection with you to consider you for this role. I will have your back every step of the way and will expect the same from you.

If this opportunity sparks your interest, send me a quick text with a little about yourself:

  • Canberra: Adult Jobs